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Top 5 Best Clubs To Hookup in Charlotte

Top 5 Best Clubs To Hookup in Charlotte

Charlotte is one of the most livable places in the greater area of North Carolina. It offers a marriage of the old and new worlds with all the visible man-made changes to an environment that still sustains the locals. This kind of setting makes the place such a busy place, both during the day and the night. So if you are lonely and need a little hook-up with someone nice and jolly in the middle of all these things in Charlotte, you never have to think in joining hookupcharlotte.com, the authority in relationships in the city, and choosing some of the best places to crawl to with your chosen hook-up partner of the night.

And you don’t have to sweat it out because below are the top 5 best clubs to hookup in Charlotte:

1. Sir Edmund Halley's Restaurant & Freehouse - Hook-up in style with Sir Edmun Halley’s Resto and Freehouse at the heart of Charlotte. Here, you can have a good dinner or just a late night bite before you washed things up with a glass of good wine or beer or scotch or whatever it is that will make you and your partner ready for things that hook-ups do at night. You can take things slow at the Restos’ patio or soak up in the house choice of music inside the club. Check their site!

2. Hartigan's Irish Pub - The cool thing about Hartigan’s is that it is not actually an Irish pub but a mix of sports bar and a nightclub. You have to be warned though, that this club is open for everyone who want to have a wild and fun night to cherish. And this means for all people across all walks of life – gays, couples, friends, fans, and just about everyone. So if you are looking for a totally awesome night with a hook-up, Hartigan’s is going to be at the top of your list.

3. Rí~Rá - If you want something really Irish, then the Victorian styled Rí~Rá is your best choice. It was once a mess hall for the officers in the Phoenix Park of Dublin which have been turned into a barracks, so it is the best bet for an Irish pub in the middle of North Carolina. The multi-level bar will also treat you and your hook-up to some antique Irish collections on display, which you know, may actually make both of you tick and crawl the night away. See their Facebook page

4. 300 East - The sophisticated European ambiance that the 300 East brings will surely take your hook-up night to another level. This Bohemian cum Champs-Elysées club have everything that will make your night memorable – antique mahogany for a bar, good food, and great spirits. Surely, your night will end up to where you wanted it to end – with no frills.

5. Cosmos Cafe - But if you wanted something hip and seductive, you are in for Cosmos Café. With its good food, martinis, and wildly fun people, your hook-up night will surely be a memorable one. Their Facebook page